Hello, Everyone! The TMJ is the joint between your jawbone and skull. Problems in this area often manifest as pain or clicking of the jaw. The jaw can also get, “locked” in certain positions. Also, 1/3 of neck pain has TMJ as a root cause and will not be resolved without effective treatment of the jaw.

Addressing key muscle imbalances in the jaw and cervical spine (neck area), along with patient education, are keys to treating this condition. Treatments include myofascial release of the muscles through A.R.T (active release technique) or Graston (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization), and rehabilitative exercises. Some cases may require being fitted by a dentist for bite guard, or other interventions.

TMJ Relief Position Exercise:

  • Place stickers on the objects that you see and use the most. (computer, TV remote, cell phone, etc.)
  • Remember that stickers are a reminder to use relax position.
  • Close mouth, teeth slightly apart, and tongue in the roof of your mouth.
  • Perform as much as possible, every day.
  • Awareness that you are clinching is very important.