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Initial Complaint: Constant upper back and shoulder pain

"I was experiencing rather severe constant pain in the upper back/shoulder area. I went to both my PCP and a pain specialist, and at their direction, I went through months of physical therapy and had injections in my shoulder. None of this treatment provided any relief. Eventually, the doctors told me I would just have to live with the constant pain. After over 6 months of living with it by taking OTC pain killers to get me through each day, I found an advertisement for ACR and decided to give it a try.

During my initial consultation, Dr. Iodice told me that there was no way that I should just have to live with the constant pain and that if he couldn’t help me, he would find someone who could. … Over the course of a few months of treatment, the constant pain continued to diminish and eventually disappeared completely. I am so glad that I decided to give ACR a try as my quality of life has improved immeasurably."


Initial Complaint: Chronic shoulder pain

"After nearly 25 years of chronic pain in my right shoulder, I am now pain free. I tried pain management clinics, MRI’s, cortisone shots, vitamins etc., and nothing worked. Dr. Iodice was able to use advanced techniques (mayofascial release), and after only a few treatments my pain is gone."


Snapshot Testimonials

“came in for soreness, limited range of motion with turning head. Progress has been excellent and exceeded expectations. Previous chiropractors used “shotgun” approach and didn’t deal with exact problem and Dr. Iodice’s motion palpation works”


“came in for foot pain – plantar fasciitis. Progress has been a 10 and exceeded expectations. Decided to try your office and services because I was intrigued by your approach and I’m looking for the root cause in solving the problem.”


“pain has been reduced and energy level is increasing”


“came in because of soreness and pain in my neck and lower back. I feel better now than I did before. Due to previous visits with other chiropractors, I have felt the difference it can make when you get adjusted continuously, and have matched my expectations.”


“came in for hip, leg, and lower back pain. Wanted to walk 2 miles a day without pain. Feel 100% better, and did not expect the strength training, but progress has exceeded expectations.”


“Shooting pains in the back of my neck. Services exceeded expectations, I didn’t expect the pain to disappear altogether like it did in those specific areas.”


“First came in for pain the left achilles and moderate pain in the right achilles. I am very happy with the progress I have made so far. Services have exceeded expectations and I am running with less pain than I have in years.”


“I was having constant pain in my neck and upper back and shoulders. I was skeptical of hope at first because of how long I’ve been trying to resolve this issue elsewhere, services here have exceeded my expectations.”


“I was having bad shin splints after running. I am not feeling much better that I did before I started treatment. I finally feel no pain!”


“I came in because of a hip problem caused by running specifically. Services have exceeded my expectations with dealing with my hip pain. I am very happy with the Doctor’s willingness to help and get me back to running!”


“I first came in for numbness throughout my left arm and pain in my neck, back, and between the shoulders. My progress has been excellent. I am much better.”


“Manual Therapies. Sports Chiropractic. One Place.”

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